"I believe the Montessori method is the ideal method for young children because of the freedom offered to a child within boundaries."

Claudia Alvarez 

FOUNDER And Directress

Owner and Directress, Claudia Alvarez, is an American Montessori Society (AMS) Infant/Toddler certified teacher. She studied Child Development at La Universidad de Las Americas (UDLA) in Puebla, Mexico. She also has experience in the Bradley Method of natural childbirth training.

For 25 years, Ms. Claudia has strived to bring excellence to the community using the Montessori philosophy. Ms. Claudia loves guiding children through each new stage of learning and feels great privilege to play a role in molding a child’s life. Ms. Claudia finds it particularly rewarding to guide children in learning practical life work, such as hand washing. She feels there is a fascinating simplicity and complexity to the mastery of these skills. She has an affinity for parent-infant classes and looks forward to partnering with  families to promote children's growth and independence.

When she is not in the classroom, Ms. Claudia spends time with her husband of 25 years and four children aged 17-24. She likes to read and share meals with friends and family.

Tere Figueroa

Primary Teacher

Tere comes to Cornerstone Montessori School with ten years of teaching experience. She is AMS certified for 3-6 year olds. She also studied Applied Behavioral Science at National Louis University.  

Tere is a native Spanish speaker. She loves traveling and dancing to Spanish music. She is married and has two children - Joaquin (3) and Estefania (1).

“I love that it is hard for a child to have a frown on all day. They teach us that every day is a new day, and a new day includes smiles and happiness.“

Jennifer Villalobos


Ms. Jenny assists in the toddler community in the afternoon. She is currently attending Morton College to obtain certification as a Teaching Assistant.  She also has an affinity for cosmetology and has a certificate for makeup; she hopes to obtain one in hair design.  

Ms. Jenny is pursuing training in education because she loves to teach children and simultaneously learn from them. She appreciates working with each individual child to discover strategies that help that child learn and find solutions to problems. She believes the Montessori method highlights children's strengths and shows adults what young children are truly capable of accomplishing.

In her free time, Ms. Jenny spends time with her parents, brother, and sister.

Teri Janda

Afternoon Childcare

Teri offers nearly nine years assisting in toddler and primary Montessori classrooms. She recently attended the Seton Summer 2017 Infant-Toddler training (0-3 years). Teri believes in the value of providing a true Montessori environment during this foundational time in a child’s life in order to instill the joy of learning through independence. Ms. Teri is married and has two sons.

Observation shows that normally he has the desire to act independently; he wants to carry things, to dress and undress alone, to feed himself, and it is not by adult suggestion that he tries to do theses things. On the contrary, his urge is so strong that our efforts are usually spent in trying to restrain him; but when we do this we are fighting nature, not the will of the child.
— Maria Montessori



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